Educational objectives

 What are the pedagogical objectives the Greenfield Franco-English bilingual school ?

The educational objectives The bilingual French English school Greenfield in Lyon

In kindergarten

Nursery level is an essential part of your child’s journey to ensure his or her academic success. The main ambition of our bilingual nursery school is to make your child want to learn, to affirm and to develop his personality.

English Kindergarten Book and workbookThe educational objectives of the nursery school :

  • Making Your child Love School
  • To lead him to bilingualism thanks to the early learning of English, in the same way that he learned his mother tongue : playing, listening, participating in songs, dance, handicrafts, games… with an English teacher. This early learning develops its hearing discrimination abilities as well as its phonatory system, which will allow it to learn other languages more easily thereafter
  • Progressively, with confidence and with respect, to be more autonomous
  • Teach him to master the notions of time and space that will allow him to learn to read and write more easily
  • Start learning to read from the Grand Section : Your child will get this mental agility specifically related to bilingual teaching and that would give him the ability, effortlessly, to learn to read early

Who are the Nursery level teachers of Greenfield bilingual school ?

In primary

The mastery of the French language and the first elements of mathematics are the primary objectives of the elementary school to allow your child to access the basic tools of knowledge. Intellectual reflection, the sense of observation, the taste of experimentation, sensibility, motor skills and creative imagination are developed in French and English.

Elementary class table in English history classThe educational objectives of the primary school :

  • Give your child a solid foundation both in terms of knowledge and working methods, with a special emphasis on French and mathematics.
  • Follow the guidelines of national education and academic programs: the fourth and fifth grade classes of the bilingual Franco-English primary school Greenfield are under contract with the state, guaranteeing the grade level required for the 6th grade. All our students are accepted at the college without an evaluation test.
  • Continue to develop your child’s autonomy and development.
  • To continue learning his bilingualism by enriching his vocabulary, by perfecting his mastery of the oral and starting English in writing from the second grade.
  • Integrate your child into the bilingual French-English course based on the playful dynamics of the group and the English Integration program.
  • Make English even more attractive and lively for your child through a project pedagogy (lectures, research, Medieval day, inventors day, etc.).
  • Value your child with the Cambridge exams (starters and flyers) that we offer your child in the third and fifth grade (100% success in recent years).

Who are the primary teachers of Greenfield bilingual school ?