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Your children feel good at the bilingual French English school Greenfield… and our teachers too !

The majority of the pedagogical team and staff animate the school project, both in French and in English for more than 15 years!

This fidelity is an asset. Teachers know each other, respect each other and coordinate each year their respective programmes in collaborative mode to enrich their teaching of projects and transverse experiences that involve the different subjects and different Classes.

They relay and deploy daily with children and parents the spirit and original values of the Greenfield Bilingual School: A true philosophy that revolves around 3 creeds :

  1. A school that strives to communicate to children the values that base their intellectual, cultural and relational development: respect, self-esteem, tolerance and open-mindedness.
  2. A school and teaching adapted to the children, their rhythm and their flourishing.
  3. An early French-English bilingual education that aims to exploit and develop the natural abilities of children.

Who are they ?

Marie – Fabienne CLÉMENT Photo of Marie Fabienne Clément
> Headmistress of Greenfield Nursery and Primary School

Arriving in 1991 at Greenfield Franco-English private school after other teaching experiences, I chose to join Isabelle in her project of bilingual school, certainly, but also of a human-sized school, in which it is good to live by being at Listening to the students. I wanted to teach in a structure where children feel good and comfortable to work and progress with confidence. In my opinion, the school must be a fulfilling place of life that will leave a positive image in the lives of our students in order to give them the desire to study. I think we are able to do so thanks to the involvement of the entire pedagogical team that surrounds us. »

Greenfield-CE-21Jean – François DELHOMME
> Deputy Director of Greenfield Elementary School
> Teacher of French of CP and second grade

“Here at the turn of my professional life what I was able to meet at the GREENFIELD Bilingual School with the children:

Language Laboratory,
Discovery… »

Greenfield-Nathalie-01Nathalie Maingre
> Deputy Director pf the Nursery School
> French teacher of medium Section (4 years)

The School of Life in Greenfield

“GREENFIELD is a pretty school full of life, full of meaning where the priority is to love school.

GREENFIELD is for me 26 years around a beautiful project that I saw growing and flourishing with a “spirit”: It is a good will to surround, accompany and enrich the spirit of your children, our students, in connection with you parents.

It is the school where it is good to learn in classes with reasonable staff and with a stimulating professional dynamic.

GREENFIELD is a beautiful story where as a teacher I take part in the project, I enjoy teaching and exchanging with all the interlocutors: a dynamic, positive team and attentive and confident parents.

GREENFIELD is a beautiful story where bilingual education is possible on a rhythm adapted to young students, where it is good to learn by having fun and then working and where encouragement is part of teaching.

GREENFIELD has now proven the success of his pedagogy and together we are helping to pursue this goal. »

Greenfield-Marie-02Marie PEPERE
> French teacher of the small Section (2 years)
> French teacher Third grade

I am French, married to a New Zealander, I have 2 children. I am passionate about travel, reading, good food and pedagogy. After several years of teaching, including one at the Alliance française in Auckland, I had the opportunity to join the bilingual French-English school Greenfield where I teach in French in kindergarten and in primary since 2011. The general enthusiasm is communicative; I have discovered people who are passionate and involved in the service of the child. They feel that they are fulfilled, happy because everything is done, everything is thought in their interest. A place where it’s good to grow! »


> Instituteur de français de CM1 et CM2

«A la suite d’un parcours d’ingénierie patrimoniale au sein d’une fondation, revenir à l’enseignement était une évidence. Après plusieurs années d’enseignement en primaire, la chance m’a été donnée d’intégrer l’école bilingue de Greenfield.

Les enseignants et les enfants partagent la même chance à Greenfield, celle de s’épanouir dans un cadre et des conditions exceptionnelles.”


Greg Whyte
> Instituteur d’anglais de CE2







Greenfield-CM-17Charles HULVEY
> fourth and fifth grade English teacher

I am an American and have lived in France for 15 years. I teach English as a language of communication for the future of our youth in a globalized world. I have worked at Greenfield for this long since I believe it to be an ideal vehicle for transmitting an education with such a vision. The school site is beautiful and motivating and our school team is dedicated to finishing our students, with our pedagogical experience, with the capacities to succeed in a continuing changing world. »


Meaghan WHYTE

> Institutrice d’anglais de Petite Section (3 ans) et de Grande Section (5 ans)

“I am English, and I have been teaching at Greenfield since 2015.
I have always been passionate about teaching children, and I greatly enjoy doing so in a school like Greenfield where children are fully immersed in the English language and culture. From a young age, children are equipped with the tools needed to be fully bilingual.


Kelly Clark English teacher pc and second gradesKelly CLARK
> Teacher of English of CP and second grade

I’m an American from California and have lived and worked in France for just under five years.  Greenfield is a fantastic school that provides a very enriching environment for the children and teachers alike.
I believe that it is important to teach language in a fun and exciting way, motivating the child to understand that learning English can be thrilling.  Learning A second language is key to appreciating our modern and global community.  I feel that speaking English can give children a strong foundation in understanding other cultures and communities.
I enjoy teaching at Greenfield where the children are the number one priority.  Together and as a team we work to ensure the well-being of each child. “


> Institutrice d’anglais de la Toute Petite Section (2 ans)
> Institutrice d’anglais de la Moyenne Section (4 ans)

I am British and from London.  After several years teaching in England, I decided to come to France in 2011.  The children at Greenfield are immersed in the English language and learn to communicate through rituals, songs, artwork, games and other interactive activities.  Greenfield is a school which supports children in their learning with a fantastic, positive team that I’m proud to be a part of.


> Institutrice de français de la Petite Section (3 ans) et de Grande Section (5 ans)

“Je suis très heureuse d’avoir pu intégrer l’équipe de Greenfield cette année.
Après quelques années passées à la maison pour élever mes 4 enfants, je suis ravie de reprendre mon travail dans cette école bilingue, à taille humaine où l’ambiance de travail est excellente !
J’ai découvert à Greenfield un accueil chaleureux, de la bienveillance et un grand professionnalisme !
Travailler avec les enfants est pour moi un vrai bonheur ! Les voir s’émerveiller en écoutant une histoire, les voir découvrir le monde qui les entoure, les voir progresser et grandir tous les jours est une vraie chance.
Mais ce travail est également un vrai défi. Avec beaucoup de bienveillance on apprend aux enfants le respect, le partage et le vivre ensemble.
Travailler à Greenfield est pour moi une vraie chance !”



> Teacher of EPS

Celine Fox Professor of EPs in the bilingual French-English school Greenfield“The EPS at GREENFIELD School is approached every year by discovering five activities that take into account the needs of each child.” Respect, citizenship and self-transcendence are values that I defend in the proposed sports activities; Thus the pupil is evaluated on his involvement in the activity, on his progression rather than on his performance. The fact that I can set up these values makes me choose to teach at GREENFIELD School… »

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